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Class 5 - Miss Hemingway

Welcome to Class 5's page - on here you will find information, homework, updates on what we have been doing in class and lots of photos.

If you have any questions, please email me on

Dates for the Diary 

4th June - Back to school after half term

6th June - Neiley Races - Race 3

8th June - Soccer Aid Playground Challenge

w/c 11th June - Fathers Day Shop

15th June - Sponsored Marathon at 1:30pm

22nd June - Year 4 Open Event at 9:15am

29th June - Year 4 trip to Sports Barn

29th June - Summer Fair 3:00pm till 5:30pm

6th July - Sports Day 1:00pm

24th July - Break up for the Summer Holidays


Back To School

Year 3 - Monday 3rd September 2018

Rest of School - Tuesday 4th September 2018


Important documents:

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Autumn 1 Learning log

Autumn 2 Learning Log

Spring Learning Log

Summer Learning Log

Class 5 timetable

Calculation Policy

Year 3/4 statutory spellings

Grammar glossary


Don't Forget:

Homework is handed out every Friday, to be brought back in the following Friday unless stated otherwise.
To read at least 3 times a week.
PE is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Swimming is on a Thursday.

Planners need to be signed weekly, and reading should be recorded in reading records.

Homework: Spellings

The homework spellings will be tested on Thursday 28th June 2018. 

Miss Hemingway's Group

This week you are learning ten spellings with the suffix 'ed'. We have been focusing on this rule in our Phonic lessons. These are:

- admitted

- wrapped

- married

- danced

- hopped

- jumped

- planned

- emptied

- hurried

- baked

You also have five red words to learn as well. These are:

- like

- their

- them

- come

- little


Mrs. Hughes' Group

This week we have been looking at the suffix -ly. 

- gladly

- safely

- quickly

- suddenly

- beautifully

- carefully

- sharply

- roughly

- accidentally

- gracefully

- immediately

Then we have looked at some Common Exception Words too.

- bashful

- aptitude

- tirelessly

The tasks are:

1. Write a sentence for five of these words.

2. Complete the look, say, cover, write, check activity using your very best joined handwriting.

3. Put the words in alphabetical order.



Homework: Maths 

This week, there is a MyMaths activity to be completed. This is '11 Times Tables'.

This is due in on Thursday 28th June 2018.


Homework help

Have a look at these videos to see the methods we use for calculations. 



Multiplication ( x 1-digit number) / (x 2-digit number)

Division (bus stop/short division) (long division)


Whole School 'Words of the Week'

Each week we have three words of the week which we need to learn how to spell and to use them correctly in a sentence. This week the words are:

- hindrance

- identity

- sufficient


Our Class Book

Our current class book is: 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl.

 Image result for the twits 

Once we have finished this one, let's see what exciting new book we will read! 





Jayden - for his super performance poetry this week.

Amie - for being very eager this week in school.




       Follow our     

     journey here!


She attends meetings with the other school council members from across school to share ideas of their own their class' views and opinions.

Image result for star award


Care Award

This award is given to a child that has shown caring towards others, a good attitude, responsibility, respect and empathy towards others.

Tuesday 19th June 2018 - Phoebe's Violin Playing

Today Phoebe brought in her violin to perform her exam pieces for us in preparation for her exam in a few weeks. Phoebe showed some super skills and really impressed us all!


Tuesday 19th June 2018 - Super Teamwork

Today we worked with 4ES to demonstrate our super teamwork skills. We were set the task of using our communication skills to move along the bench to sort ourselves into lots of different ways without touching the floor! 


Friday 15th June 2018 - Marsden Marathon

Today we held our annual 'Marsden Marathon', our sponsored run down at Marsden football pitch. We had a fantastic afternoon and were given lots of support by our parents. 


Tuesday 12th June 2018 - Water Explorers

This afternoon we were lucky enough to have Vikki join us to teach us all about water and how we can be more economical with the water in which we use everyday. She gave us some interesting facts and then gave the whole school an assembly on the same topic.


Monday 11th June 2018 - Andy Warhol Inspired Art

After we had studied Andy Warhol and his artwork, we have created our own inspired pieces today which are going to be displayed in the hall. You will have to make sure you come to our Open Event to witnees these spectacular pieces of artwork!

Friday 8th June 2018 - Soccer Aid Playground Challenge

Today we supported Soccer Aid and UNICEF ahead of this weekend's Soccer Aid match at Old Trafford. We were set the challenge of who could complete the obstacle course in the fastest time. The Year 6 children set up the obstacle course and timed us. 


Wednesday 6th June 2018 - Oxidation Art

Today Jack brought in some extra homework which he had completed at homework linking to our Art topic of Pop Art. 


Tuesday 5th June 2018 - Performance Poetry

Today we started our new text type in Literacy of performance poetry. We all learnt the poem 'A Dinosaur Rap' and even put actions with it to help us remember the poem. Once we had perfected it, we went to Year 5 to perform it for them. They thought we were amazing!


Friday 25th May 2018 - A Visit from Thelma Walker MP

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit to the school from Thelma Walker MP. She looked round our school and talked to us all about our work we were completing.


Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - The Water Cycle

We learnt all about the water cycle in today's Science lesson. We made a water cycle wheel describing the four stages of the water cycle and we even set up an experiment to see how the water cycle works.


Tuesday 22nd May 2018 - Parents Reading Workshop

Today our adults had the chance to join us in a Guided Reading session at school to see how we learn. They were introduced to the six-part lesson and VIPERS which we use daily in school. They all found it very interesting and we had so much fun!


Monday 14th May 2018 - Tag Rugby

Today with the rugby coach we were introduced to the game of tag rugby. We had to apply all the skills we have learnt of the last few weeks to the game and demonstrate good teamwork.


Friday 11th May 2018 - Animations

Today in Computing, we looked at animations and worked together in groups to use the app Stick Nodes to create our own animations.


Thursday 10th May 2018 - York Chocolate Story

Today Year 4 went on their school trip to York Chocolate Story. When we arrived, we took part in a workshop with Mark, where we had to wear a blue hat, blue gloves and an apron for health and safety reasons. Once we had these on, we then made our own chocolate which had edible wallpaper. We even got to choose our favourite toppings. 


After lunch, we arrived at York Chocolate Story, where we followed a selection of guides through the tour. We learnt all about the history of chocolate and was lucky enough to taste lots of samples of chocolate and make our own chocolate lollipops.


Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Library Visit

Today we were invited again by Chris to visit our local library. She showed us around the library and then we were lucky enough to choose our own book to take out from the library which we will read in school. We returned our books to the library and were lucky enough to take out another library book.



Tuesday 8th May 2018 - A Game of Tennis

Today with the tennis coach Luke, we started to bring all the skills we have learnt over the last few weeks and apply them to a game.


Wednesday 2nd May 2018 - Melting Chocolate Experiment

Today in Science we were looking at the process of melting so we tried a variety of ways to see the process of melting.


Monday 30th April 2018 - Tackling Skills

Today with the Rugby coach we focused on our tackling skills. We worked together in groups to try to tackle the ball from each other.


Tuesday 24th April 2018 - Inspirational Garden Day

At school we are creating a sensory garden to the children to use. Last week we painted the totem poles and then today we invited parents and carers to join us in getting the garden ready. We all decorated a pebble which will feature within the garden and assisted in planting some of the lovely plants around the totem poles. We had a fabulous day! 

Friday 20th April 2018 - Totem Pole Painting

Today we went out as a class to paint our totem poles in the sensory garden we are building. We were getting them ready for our Inspirational Garden Day next Tuesday. We all had such a good day! 

Thursday 19th April 2018 - Iman Mohammed Visit

Today we had a visit to school from Iman Mohammed. He talked to us all about the Mosque and the practises of Islam. 

Wednesday 18th April 2018 - Solids, Liquids and Gases

Today we started our new Science topic which is 'States of Matter'. We learnt all about solids, liquids and gases and then as a class went into the hall and demonstrated what the particles do in each of the three states.


Tuesday 17th April 2018 - Target Skills

This half term we are lucky enough to have the PE specialist. This half term it is Tennis so today we focused on holding a tennis racket correctly and practising hitting a tennis ball. We worked in groups and practised aiming towards people so that they could catch it.


Monday 16th April 2018 - Giants Rugby Coach Sessions

Today we started our Rugby coaching sessions with a coach from Huddersfield Giants. We focused on how we hold a rugby ball and how we pass a rugby ball correctly.


Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th March 2018 - Roald Dahl's Jack and the Beanstalk

Years 3, 4 and 5 joined together to produce our Easter production which was Roald Dahl's Jack and the Beanstalk. The children were brilliant and gave some superb performances for all to see. All the comments that we have received said how amazing the production was to watch! 

Wednesday 21st March 2018 - Zoo Lab

Today Zoo Lab came into school to visit us. Lydia brought some animals from the rainforest into school for us to look at. She brought in Gary the snail, Millie the millipede, Ruby the red-backed tarantula, Jeremy the tree frog, Draco the snake and finally Milo the rat.



Wednesday 14th March 2018 - Floating and Sinking Experiment

As part of British Science Week, we attended a Science workshop run by the Canal and River Trust. It was all about how objects floated and sunk in water. First of all we worked in our groups to sort a selection of everyday objects and make our predictions according to whether the objects would float or sink. Once we had made our predictions, we tested each object to see what happened. Then, based upon our results from the investigation, we made our own canal boat that would be strong enough to float on water and carry some cargo effectively. We learnt alot today in our session and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Tuesday 13th March 2018 - Passing

Today in PE with the specialist we looked at the skill of passing in football. We particularly focused on the control when passing a football to someone else. 

Friday 9th March 2018 - World Book Day

After last week's World Book Day was postponed due to the snow day, we held it today. We all came in dressed up as our favourite book characters. 


During the morning we studied the book 'The BFG' and decorated our classroom door to represent the book. We all wrote our dreams in a dream jar and showed what our dreams would look like using chalks and then we all designed our own giant that would live in Giant Land, writing detailed descriptions and sketching what they would look like.


In the afternoon we all chose a book that we would like to study and moved round to that different classroom so we had a different class teacher working with different children from each year group. We looked at the book 'The BFG'. We created our own dreams in a jar and created a label to show what our dream was; created our dream catcher and tasted some Frobscottle. 

Wednesday 7th March 2018 - Dragon's Den

In Literacy we have been looking at persuasive texts and we linked this in with our topic of chocolate. We were set the task of designing our chocolate product, creating a pitch which we would then give to the rest of the class to see who could be persuaded to  invest in which chocolate product. 



One group even brought in samples of their chocolate product.


Tuesday 27th February 2018 - PE Specialist - Football Skills

In today's PE lesson we have started looking at our football skills with the PE specialist. Today's focus was on dribbling and the control of a football.


Friday 16th February 2018 - Heated Debate

Today in the topic lesson we looked at deforestation. Once we had looked at the pros and cons of deforestation, we were given a job role to take on and sat in our groups and held a debate all about deforestation. We all had very strong opinions that we voiced in the debates.


Thursday 15th February 2018 - The Mighty Sky

Today some Year 4 children went to Huddersfield Town Hall to take part in the Mrs Sunderland concert. They had attended a workshop in the morning with lots of other schools and then returned in the evening for the concert. The children had learnt all the songs previous to attending from 'The Mighty Sky' and sang superbly in the evening. The children were accompanied by Musica Kirklees Youth Orchestra, who played some wonderful pieces of music in between them singing, and haze machines and lasers were used to help create the effect of being in space. The children were outstanding and their performance was amazing! Well done to all who took part.  A special thank you to Mrs Pearson for all her help teaching the children the songs alongside Miss Hemingway. 

Wednesday 14th February 2018 - Chocolate Making

Today we worked in our groups to make our chocolates. We followed our recipes and our designs in our topic books ready for us to sell them after school on Friday.


Tuesday 13th February 2018 - Athletics

As it was our last lesson with the PE specialist this half term we did a mix of all the skills we had learnt in athletics. 


Friday 9th February 2018 - Chocolate Advertising

Today we worked in our groups to use the laptops to create our labels for our chocolates and design our posters to advertise our chocolates to sell.

Wednesday 7th February 2018 - E-Safety Talk by PC Whitehouse

Today PC Whitehouse came into school to talk to us all about E-Safety and how to keep safe online. We watched  a video about social media and what can happen if we share too much personal information online. He also talked to us about cyber bullying and what the do's and don'ts of being online are.


PC Whitehouse gave a talk to our parents and carers after school all about e-safety. 

Tuesday 6th February 2018 - Parents Maths Workshop

This afternoon we held a maths workshops where our parents and carers could attend. We taught them about our 'Mastery Flow Model' and our five types of questions we use in very Maths lesson. All the adults got the chance to try our 'Target and Progress Sheet' and the five different types of questions for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Monday 5th February 2018 - Water Safety Assembly

This morning we had an assembly all about water safety. The two ladies who came to deliver the talk showed us a poster where we identified the dangers. We then learnt how to be safe around water and what to do if we ever saw someone in danger in water. 


The one thing we have to remember is:

S stay

A away

F from the 

E edge 

Wednesday 31st January 2018 - Peter Pan Pantomime

Today we were lucky enough for a production company to come to school and perform 'Peter Pan' for us. We all thoroughly enjoyed it especially the dancing skills of Mr. Adams and Mr. Kaye.

Wednesday 24th January 2018 - Library Visit

Today we were invited by Chris to visit our local library. She showed us around the library and then we were lucky enough to choose our own book to take out from the library which we will read in school. We hope to return next term to return our books to the library and take a new one out.

Monday 22nd January 2018 - Being Scientists

Today we became scientists! As we are studying living things and their habitats, we have learnt all about the different types of vertebrates and invertebrates. So we went exploring outside to find specimens of invertebrates and use a classification key to identify what invertebrate it was.

Tuesday 16th January 2018 - Chocolate Tasting

In DT, this half term, linking to our Rainforest and Maya topics, we are designing our own chocolate product to sell for Valentine's Day. Before we can start to design, we have done some research around existing products and what our opinions of them are. We commented on the appearance, the flavour and the texture of 9 different chocolate products. This will help us to decide the recipe for our own.

Tuesday 16th January 2018 - Shot Put

This half term we are lucky enough to be receiving coaching with the PE specialist and we are looking at Athletics. This week we looked at the sport of shot put. We focussed on our stance and throwing techniques.

Wednesday 20th December 2017 - Christingle Service

Today we held our annual Christingle Service down at St. Bartholomew's Church. We performed a piece of music on the chime bars which Mrs. Baker had taught us. We performed this with 4ES and it went fantastically. 

Thursday 14th December 2017 - "On y va!"

We made our own French book called "On y va!" for the end of the unit. You can take a look at the book in our classroom.

Wednesday 13th December 2017 - Diwali Lanterns

In RE we had been looking at different festivals of light in different religions. Whilst studying the Hindu festival of light Diwali we made our own lanterns that would be used in the festival.

Tuesday 12th December 2017 - Culture Day (Brazil)

Our Culture Day was based on us studying the country of Brazil. We focussed on citizenship and how Christmas is celebrated in Brazil. The children made a great effort to represent their country by dressing up, and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about their chosen country. We learnt all about Brazil as a country, looked at their specific Christmas traditions and watched the Olympics, which they held in 2016.

We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Adams create a video compilation of the day which shows what every class did throughout the day.

Monday 11th December 2017 - Sorting Electrical Appliances

In Science we have been looking at electricity so we looked at different electrical appliances and sorted them in different ways using different categories.

Thursday 7th December 2017 - World War 2 Open Event

We held our Open Event where parents/carers could come into school and join us in our learning. We had a variety of activities on offer and displayed our homework projects, including a tasting station for all our wonderful food homework projects.

Our parent/carers left some lovely comments about our open event. These can be found in the comment book at the front of school by the Office.

Thursday 7th December 2017 - World War 2 Homework Projects

The children were set a homework project at the beginning of this half term. They could choose to either:

- create an Anderson shelter


- bake a World War 2 recipe


- create a Fact File.

We brought them into school to share with everybody.

Friday 1st December 2017 - Christmas Fair

Today we held our annual Christmas Fair. The Christmas Fair was a great success. It was lovely to see so many parents, carers, grandparents, friends and family in school. The hall was packed with activities and stalls and the classrooms were also in use with activities the children had worked on. Santa and his elves paid us a visit and met lots of excited children. The children continued to raise money by selling the buns left over from the café at break times.  We made a massive £1000.11!

Thursday 30th November 2017 - Christmas Tree Decorating Assembly

Each year school buys a real Christmas tree which is on show in our hall. Every child makes a Christmas tree decoration to place on the tree. This year's theme was 'A Christmas Carol'.

In the assembly we hear a Christmas story being told by all our teachers.

Each class takes it in turns in between pages of the book to take their decorations up to the tree and decorate. Whilst the class are decorating the tree we all sing Christmas songs. Here is our class decorating the tree.

Friday 24th November 2017 - World War 2 Art

Everything that we have looked at in Art has led up to us creating our World War 2 masterpieces. We really enjoyed creating our coloured background first.

We can't wait to show you our finished pieces of artwork.

Tuesday 21st November 2017 - Silhouettes

In Art we have been looking at creating silhouettes so we went out into the playground and created silhouettes with our partners and drew round our hands to show what our silhouettes had created,

Friday 17th November 2017 - Workout for Water

As part of our Born To Move sessions, we were taught  routine to P!nk's 'What About Us' which we all learnt for UNICEF's focus of 'Workout for Water'. We all thoroughly enjoyed learning the routine! This afternoon the whole school went out into the playground and performed the dance whilst being videoed. It was absolutely amazing to be part of this. We raised £162.50 which will go towards purchasing a brand new water pump. 

Tuesday 14th November 2017 - Emailing

In today's Computing lesson we looked at emails. We were able to open and read the email from Miss. Hemingway and then write her reply back. It was very exciting!

Monday 13th November 2017 - Making Circuits

We joined together with 4ES to work together in groups to create a circuit that made a light bulb light up. We then worked together to create complete and incomplete circuits.

Friday 10th November 2017 - Remembrance Day

This year as we were not going to be at school on Remembrance Day we decided to pay our respects a day early. The whole school gathered together after lunch time, walked across to the park and stood around the war memorial. We all stood together and paid our respects by having a two minute silence and then the Junior Leadership Team read the poem 'In Flanders Fields'. We were joined by a few parents who were there also to pay their respects.

Charlie brought a video all about Remembrance Day to share with the class. It is called "Wear Your Poppy With Pride" by Roger Davies who is from Huddersfield. Here is the video. Please watch and enjoy. 

Friday 10th November 2017 - Freeze Frames

In Literacy today we joined together with the other Year 4 (4ES) and looked at what an evacuee was as part of our new topic 'World War 2'. We thought very carefully about all the emotions and feelings you would have had as an evacuee so we put ourselves into the role and created freeze frames. When we were frozen Miss. Hemingway kept moving around and when she put her hand on our shoulder we shouted out our feeling or emotion that were would have felt as an evacuee in different situations.

Wednesday 1st November 2017 - 1K a Day

Every day we run the 1K a Day every day. We try to beat our personal best times every day. We are loving using our newly laid 1K track which we raised the money for last year.

Monday 30th October 2017 - Outdoor Sculptures

We went to work outdoors together in our groups and created sculptures using natural materials. Our sculptures represented something to our topic of 'Castles and Battles'.

Friday 20th October 2017 - Harvest Festival

The whole school walked down to St. Bartholomew's Church, Marsden where our annual Harvest Festival service is held. The school choir started us off by singing a few songs, then each class performed either a song or a poem about words relating to Harvest. Year 3's word was 'Giving', Year 4's word was 'Sharing', Year 5's word was 'Caring' and Year 6's word was 'Togetherness' and the whole school finished the service by singing a few songs to all the parents and carers who came to watch us. 

Year 4 performed a song and poem called 'Sharing is Caring'.


Thursday 19th October 2017 - Homework Projects

The children were set a homework project at the beginning of this half term. They could choose to either:

- research all about a castle, build the castle and then explain all their castle.


- research all about  royal family.


- make a weapon that a soldier would have used in the past.

We brought them into school to share with everybody.

Friday 13th October 2017 - Music with Mrs. Baker

Mrs. Baker into our music lesson today dressed in period clothing. She brought with her some period instruments and played them for us, we even got to hold them. She then taught us a dance to a piece of music that she played on her period instruments. 

13th October - Born To Move

Year 4 had the pleasure of doing Born To Move, this morning, as a whole year group. They LOVED it! 

Tuesday 10th October 2017 - The Battle of Hastings

Today we learnt all about the Battle of Hastings and the history behind it. Once we had learnt all the history behind the battle, we went outside and acted out the battle between the Normans and the Anglo-Saxons.

'I absolutely loved the battle. It felt like it was a proper battle!' Year 4 child

Monday 9th October 2017 - Science Experiment

This half term we have been looking at the topic 'Animals Including Humans' and have been studying tooth decay. So we have set up an experiment to see what can happen to teeth in different liquids. We have used hard boiled eggs for the teeth and the different liquids include: water, milk, apple juice, orange juice and coca cola. 

In order to keep this a fair test, we ensured that we used the same amount of liquid in each container, the same sized egg and the same sized container. The only thing that we changed is the different liquids that we used.

We made predictions about what would happen in each of the liquids and now we have set it up we will record what has happened every day this week at the same time every day to ensure it is a fair test.

Wednesday 4th October 2017 - Gymnastics

Over this half term we have been looking at our gymnastics skills in PE. We have been practicing different balances and making a variety of shapes. We have also been working with a partner to create a variety of shapes.


3rd October - Cross Country

We had lots of wonderful runners who ran in the Pennine Trust cross country. Congratulations Luke, Oliver, Will, Phoebe, Lexie and Oscar!

26th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all the children who brought in cakes, and bought cakes especially today but all week. A big thank you to the Year 4 helpers who sold the cakes today.

Tuesday 26th September 2017 - Garden Day

Today we had a garden day where the whole school take part in helping improve our school garden. Mr. Pulfrey was there to assist us and told us of the different jobs that were needed to be completed. We had an absolutely fabulous day and really thoroughly enjoyed it. We were very fortunate that we had lots of help from our parents, thank you for joining us. 

Friday 22nd September 2017 - 'Born to Move'

Every Friday morning we are lucky enough to have 'Born to Move' which we love! We always start with a warm up, complete some routines (which we love to sing along to), play a game, cool down and then enjoy some relaxation time. We look forward to this every week.

Friday 15th September 2017 - Music with Mrs. Baker

Mrs. Baker came into school today to teach us music. We used paper plates to help us create music. We learnt all about musical notes that were worth 1 beat, 2 beats and 4 beats. We then used these to create bars of music that had 4 beats in them.

Wednesday 13th September 2017 - Roald Dahl Day

Today is Roald Dahl's 101st birthday! Roald Dahl wrote so many wonderful children's book: my favourite is Matilda. We spent the morning looking at the fantastic descriptive writing in the books, and thinking about Matilda's special power. We acted out what we would want our special power to be, and then wrote equally fantastic descriptions. Then, in the afternoon, we watched Revolting Rhymes to gain inspiration for writing rhyming poetry, and the live link found here. 

Friday 8th September 2017 - Outdoor Art

Today, we went to explore the outdoor area. We worked independently to collect a range of natural materials and create a piece of artwork. See if you can guess what we have made.

"I chose the natural materials very carefully to represent the features of my creation." Year 4 child

Thursday 7th September 2017 - Brass Taster Session

Today, we had the chance to play some brass instruments which we thoroughly enjoyed. We made some funny noises, and listened to famous tunes played on the instruments. 

A big 'HELLO' from me, Miss. Hemingway. I'm really excited to be working together with the support of Miss. Perrons.

All the children have settled into their new class very well and are enthusiastic and raring to go, which is great to see. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with me. Alternatively, send me an email to

        Miss. Hemingway