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 Welcome to Class 6's page - on here you will find information, homework, updates on what we have been doing in class and lots of photos.

If you have any questions, please email me on


Dates for the Diary 

8th January - First day back after Christmas holidays

5th February - Water Safety assembly

6th February - Parent Workshop - Maths Focus

(time tbc)

15th February - 'The Mighty Sky' Mrs. Sunderland Music Festival

16th February - Break up for Half term

26th February - First day back after Half term

1st March - World Book Day

16th March - Open Event from 9:15am

19th March - Parents Evening till 5pm

20th March - Parents Evening till 7pm

28th March - Year 3 - 5 Easter Show

29th March - Break up for Easter Holidays


16th April - First day back after the Easter Holiday



Don't Forget:

Homework is handed out every Friday, to be brought back in the following Friday unless stated otherwise.
To read at least 3 times a week: reading books are changed on a Friday morning. 
PE is on a Tuesday and Friday, swimming is on a Thursday. 

Planners need to be signed, and reading should be recorded in reading records.

Important documents:

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Autumn 1 Learning log

Autumn 2 Learning Log

Spring Learning Log

Calculation Policy

Year 3/4 statutory spellings

Grammar glossary


Homework: Spellings


The homework spellings will be tested on Friday 26th January 2018. 

This week you are looking at the spelling rule of words with the 'sc' sound. Complete the table, adding the different suffixes given for each word.

Then you have to learn the four Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words. These are:

- question

- weight

- calendar

- enough


Whole School 'Words of the Week'

Each week we have three words of the week which we need to learn how to spell and to use them correctly in a sentence. This week the words are:

- engagement

- reference

- strategy


Homework: Maths 


This week, there is a MyMaths activity to be completed. This is 'More Multiplying'.

This is due in on Friday 26th January 2018.


Homework help

Have a look at these videos to see the methods we use for calculations. 



Multiplication ( x 1-digit number) / (x 2-digit number)

Division (bus stop/short division) / (long division)



Keira for her wonderful rainforest calligram.

 Saluqe for completing the Christmas reading challenge. 

 Class 6's Eco-Warriors are: Tessie & Rory

Follow our journey here!

Class 6's School council member is Greg. 

24th Januaru 2018 - Library visit

Chris from Marsden Library invited us down so she could show us around the library, and let us choose a new reading book.

22nd January 2018 - Invertebrate hunt

This afternoon, we looked for invertebrates in our playground and used classification keys to classify them.

19th January 2018 - Climate

We have been looking at the climate and typical weather in countries which have rainforests. We filmed weather reports, have a look at them below. 

16th January 2018 - Shotput

15th January 2018 - Chocolate tasting

In DT, this half term, linking to our Rainforest and Maya topics, we are designing our own chocolate product to sell for Valentine's Day. Before we can start to design, we have done some research around existing products and what our opinions of them are. We commented on the appearance, the flavour and the texture of 9 different chocolate products. This will help us to decide the recipe for our own.



20th December 2017 - Christingle Service

Today we held our annual Christingle Service down at St. Bartholomew's Church. We performed a piece of music on the chime bars which Mrs. Baker had taught us. We performed this with 4RH and it went fantastically.

18th December - Insulator or conductor?

Today, we tested whether classroom items were conductors or insulators of electricity.

14th December 2017 - "On y va!"

We made our own French book called "On y va!" for the end of the unit with Mrs Brian. You can take a look at the book in our classroom.

12th December 2017 - Culture Day (Africa)

Our Culture Day was based on us studying the continent of Africa. We learned, and shared, facts about the continent and looked at all of the flags. We looked at how people celebrate Christmas in Africa, and the food ate there and around the world. We made a South African pudding which is eaten around Christmas, created dot art based on our African drums, and Mr Price taught us a song on the djembe drums. The children made a great effort to represent their country by dressing up, and they thoroughly enjoyed learning about their chosen country.

We were fortunate enough to have Mr Adams create a video compilation of the day which shows what every class did throughout the day.

7th December 2017 - World War 2 Open Event

We held our Open Event where parents/carers could come to school and join us in our learning. We had a variety of activities on offer and displayed our homework projects, including a tasting station for all our wonderful food homework projects.

Our parent/carers left some lovely comments about our open event. These can be found in the comment book at the front of the school by the Office.

7th December 2017 - World War 2 Homework Projects

The children were set a homework project at the beginning of this half term. They could choose to either create an Anderson shelter, bake a World War 2 recipe, or create a Fact File. We brought them into school to share with everybody at our open event. 

1st December - Christmas Fair

Today we held our annual Christmas Fair. We had a superb afternoon running stalls and it was very busy.

30th November - Christmas Tree Decorating Assembly

Each year school buys a real Christmas tree which is on show in our hall. Every child makes a Christmas tree decoration to place on the tree. This year's theme was 'A Christmas Carol'.

In the assembly, we heard a Christmas story being told by all our teachers.

Each class takes it in turns in between pages of the book to take their decorations up to the tree and decorate. Whilst the class are decorating the tree we all sing Christmas songs. Here is our class decorating the tree:


 17th November - Workout for Water

As part of our Born To Move sessions, we were taught a routine to Pink's 'What About Us' which we all learned for UNICEF's focus of 'Workout for Water'. We all thoroughly enjoyed learning the routine! This afternoon the whole school went out to the playground and performed the dance whilst being videoed. It was absolutely amazing to be part of this. We raised £162.50 which will go towards purchasing a brand new water pump.


13th November - Making Circuits

We joined together with 4RH to work together in groups to create a circuit that made a light bulb light up. We then worked together to create complete and incomplete circuits.

10th November 2017 - Remembrance Day

This year as we were not going to be at school on Remembrance Day we decided to pay our respects a day early. The whole school gathered together after lunchtime, walked across to the park and stood around the war memorial. We all stood together and paid our respects by having a two-minute silence and then the Junior Leadership Team read the poem 'In Flanders Fields'. We were joined by a few parents who were there also to pay their respects.

10th November - Evacuee Freeze Frames

In Literacy today we joined together with the other Year 4 (4RH) and looked at what an evacuee was as part of our new topic 'World War 2'. We thought very carefully about all the emotions and feelings you would have had as an evacuee so we put ourselves into the role and created freeze frames. When we were frozen, Miss. Hemingway kept moving around and when she put her hand on our shoulder we shouted out our feeling or emotion that were would have felt as an evacuee in different situations.

20th October - Harvest Festival

The whole school walked down to St. Bartholomew's Church, Marsden where our annual Harvest Festival service is held. The school choir started us off by singing a few songs, then each class performed either a song or a poem about words relating to Harvest. Year 3's word was 'Giving', Year 4's word was 'Sharing', Year 5's word was 'Caring' and Year 6's word was 'Togetherness' and the whole school finished the service by singing a few songs to all the parents and carers who came to watch us. 

Year 4 performed a song and poem called 'Sharing is Caring'.


19th October - Homework Projects

The children were set a homework project at the beginning of this half term. They could choose to either research all about a castle, build the castle and then explain all their castle, research all about royal family or make a weapon that a soldier would have used in the past. We brought them into school to share with everybody.


13th October - Medieval music with Mrs Baker

Over the last half-term, we have been looking at Fanfares and how to read music with Mrs. Baker. Today, she came in traditional dress and brought medieval instruments for us to see and hear - the children were all very impressed. Mrs Baker also taught us a dance which Lords and Ladies used to do, which was hilarious! 

13th October - Born To Move

Year 4 had the pleasure of doing Born To Move, this morning, as a whole year group. They LOVED it! 

11th October - Battle of Hastings game

We played a game this afternoon in order to re-enact the Battle of Hastings. We were either Anglo Saxons (team England) or Normans (team France) and tried to defeat the other side. Thankfully there were no arrows in any eyes!


4th October - Junior Leadership Team

I'm SO excited to announce that Class 6 has two members of the Junior Leadership Team! George Dawson has secured the position of Junior Site Manager, and Phoebe Tuck is Junior Principal! So proud. 

3rd October - Cross Country

We had lots of wonderful runners who ran in the Pennine Trust cross country. Congratulations Rory, Thomas, Dom, Tessie, Imogen, George and Ben! 

26th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all the children who brought in cakes, and bought cakes especially today but all week. A big thank you to the Year 4 helpers who sold the cakes today.

26th September - Garden Day 

Today was our annual garden day, where the whole school helps to maintain and improve the garden. We had lots of really fun jobs such as harvesting garlic, peas, weeding and potting. Thank you to Dom's parents who came to help; you were very much appreciated. 

20th September - 1K

We are loving running the 1K using our new track! 

19th September - Gymnastics

In PE today, we were practising our balances and the shapes we could make our body into. We made bridges, Chinese handstands, tables, and shoulder stand before we worked on matching our partner. 

13th September - Lego Castle

How amazing is this Lego castle that Zosia has built! Can you believe it only took her an hour?

13th September - Roald Dahl Day

Today is Roald Dahl's 101st birthday! Roald Dahl wrote so many wonderful children's book: my favourite is Matilda. We spent the morning looking at the fantastic descriptive writing in the books and thinking about Matilda's superpower. We acted out what we would want our superpower to be and then wrote equally fantastic descriptions. Then, in the afternoon, we watched Revolting Rhymes to gain inspiration for writing rhyming poetry, and the live link found here.

8th September - Outdoor Art

Today, we started our art project this half term focussing on Andy Goldsworthy. We spent the afternoon outside using natural materials to create a piece of art.



7th September - Brass Taster Session

Today, we had the chance to play some brass instruments which we thoroughly enjoyed. We made some funny noises and listened to famous tunes played on the instruments.



 Our topic is Maya Civilisition and we  are the best class ever and evryone knows it!!!!!!!
 by Jacob and Zosia and Thomas