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Y4 Forest school funded by The Woodland Trust

The project is funded by the Woodland Trusts ‘Woodland Community Programme’ in which there is a licence to manage the area of woodland that the children work in on behalf of Kirklees Council . Over the last three years, Mrs Vayro has  had various grants to make small improvements to the area to enable better access for disabled people and to raise awareness of the access works. They have planted bulbs with the infant school, erected bird/bat boxes/planted some trees/installed a RADAR key gate/maintained the smaller paths in the woods - the majority of which people who use wheelchairs and Mountain Trike all-terrain wheelchairs can travel along – and soon the main pathway will be upgraded as it’s impassable for anything with wheels (prams, wheelchairs etc) in winter. We’ve also run a series of conservation days with our disabled participants – Himalayn Balsam pulling, cutting back vegetation and a few events which lots of the children at the school have attended.  

Miss Sharp's class are attending 6 sessions in the Summer Term. 


Forest school ran by Emily Jones



During the summer term, two children from each class have had the opportunity to participate in forest school sessions. These are run by Emily Jones from the Tinderwood Trust, and Miss Smith. They began by using the school garden; they made a wood shop, a mud kitchen and did lots of creative activities outdoors. They now use a local woodland to work and play in. They have made dens, climbed trees, investigated swamps, dammed streams, learned how to tie knots and made hammocks. They have also learnt how to identify different trees, plants and wildlife, and have investigated and explored the area. In the coming weeks, they will be making fires and cooking outdoors and will be learning woodwork skills.They will also be making maps of the area using natural materials. These sessions are educational, and fun. They go out whatever the weather, so they make sure they are dressed appropriately (you may have seen them walking around in bright yellow waterproofs!) The children are working really well, are learning team-working skills and are bringing their new-found skills and confidence into other lessons. 

Outdoor Learning

Marsden Junior School has a lady, that has kindly volunteered to work with some children, learning all about different topics using outdoor learning. They have used the playground equipment, as well as the garden.

Here are some images of the Forest School in action.