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School Dinners

We have recently updated our school menus. Click here to view our new menus.

Halloween Dinner 2017 - The children thought the dinner was amazing. They also commented on how fantastic the Dining Hall looked after being decorated. 


The children really enjoyed the Valentines Dinner; they thought the theme was decorated spectacularly. 


 The School Christmas Dinner went down a treat! The children thoroughly enjoyed their dinners (especially the decorated puddings). The dinner staff worked very hard to put out a spectacular lunch, as well as decorating the dining hall, to give it an overall Christmas feel. 


The Halloween school dinner was fantastic. The children were amazed at the decorations that Mrs Mullin and Ms Hunter had put up to make it a spectacularly gruesome dinner. The next themed School Dinner is on Tuesday 6th December. if your child would like a school dinner, please contact the office. 



We have transferred to a new catering service, if you would like your child to move to school dinners, starting immediately. Please contact the office. 

School meals are £2 a day, which are paid via Parentpay. 


Here are a few images of the types of School Dinners that will now be produced. 


"I've never felt this full before" - Sammy, Year 6.


"I really enjoyed my first day on school dinners" - Ryan, Year 4.