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Sierra Leone Project


        I have been overwhelmed, moved and completely inspired by the exceptional work created by a group of Year 6 students I have been working with at Marsden Junior School over the last month. 

The students have been involved in a themed-project based on ‘Identity’ to create links with a junior school in Sierra  Leone I will be working at over the next two weeks.  The project has seen students work collaboratively (and in an extremely mature manner) with secondary school students from The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form and Colne Valley High School.  They have developed their understanding of both the geography and history of Sierra Leone with the help of presentations prepared from students of The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form.  In addition to this, they have explored a range of poems written by students from Colne Valley High School to develop their analytical skills. 

In the final week of the project, Marsden students have written their own poems to express their views on being British as well as some which have explored themes such as inequality and injustice, to share their thoughts on two very different cultures.

On my return from Sierra Leone, students will be sharing their poems in the form of a Poetry Slam with other students at Marsden Junior School. They will also explore a range of poems written by students in Sierra Leone to form relationships and to empathise with students who experience school in a very different way.  In addition to this, they will have the opportunity to play games and try delicacies which are typical for people in Sierra Leone. 

I would like to take this time to congratulate the Year 6 students; I feel privileged to have worked with them and have been amazed by the quality of their work.

Miss Broadbent