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Incremental Workshop

Blog by MR - Junior Personal Assistant

Week 6 - Today, the mayor came to visit us at Wessen Court. it was really nice to meet her and listen to some of the things she has been getting up to. She really like what we had been doing with the residents of Wessen Court and especially like our hands canvas of 'sharing memories'. 

Week 5 - This week we were able to finish off the hand that we started a few weeks ago. This was a good opportunity as the mayor is coming in next time to see what we have been up to. 


Week 4 - Today, we had a cushion-like material and we were able to paint it or tie-dye the cushion. This was really fun and we all enjoyed it. 


Week 3 - This week we did some painting; we used special sandy paint to paint lanterns. I really enjoyed it today because everyone was so creative. 


Week 2 - We wrote about our first time of doing something that we enjoyed, this included how it made us feel. We then did four lines of writing about this event. We made the sentences rhyme and eventually put it into a poem. 


Week 1 - On our first week, we drew round our hand and then we cut them out. After that, we drew a picture inside our our hand of the different things we celebrate. We stuck them on a canvas to make a collage and this is what the Mayor will be looking at. 

On the first visit, they drew round their hands, coloured them in with their memories and hobbies. After that, the children cut them out and formed a collage. 

During the second visit, they discussed what kind of cake they would be. They made a poem up of their personal memories. The elderly people really enjoy the children going down. 

Fortnightly, on Thursdays, a group of Year 5 children visit Wessen Court to meet a group of elderly people to 'share memories'. The children interact with the adults in conversations and activities.