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GSO Test

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What it means




Ways of judging how well students are progressing.


What students accomplish.

Core Curriculum

English, Mathematics, Science and Computing - subjects which must be studied by all students. 


All the courses and learning opportunities a school offers or course of study being followed be a student. 


A child may be excluded from school by the head teacher if they act in a way that prevents the teaching and learning of the school community. 

SATs –

These tests are used to assess your child’s attainment at the end of Year 6, before they start secondary school. 

Statutory Assessment Tests



This refers to the use and study of computers.

IEP: Individual Education Plan.

A plan that is written for children with Special Educational Need (SEN). This plan supports the child in meeting their targets.


A process by which schools, local authorities and other develop their cultures, policies and practices to include students. 

Key Stage

Your child’s progress through school is measured in key stages.

Key Stage 1

Reception to the end of Year 2.

Key Stage 2

Year 3 to Year 6.

OFSTED: Office for Standards

The body which inspects state funded schools. Ofsted

in Education

inspectors produce educational reports to help improve schools.


A Parent Support Adviser who works to support parents and run parents' programmes. 


Pastoral Support Plan. A document used to support positive behaviour.


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.


The individual goals set for a child. Targets are a way of checking a child's progress.