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Message from Mrs Bliss - Chair of Governors

 Happy New Year! In my role as Chair of Governors and as a parent I am delighted to tell you about a reading initiative which I have been a part of since September at the school. It’s not radical but it has already proved effective. I have been going into school daily and reading with one child for 10 minutes. By doing a little and often the benefits have been accumulative and noticeable. Sentences are more fluid and tricky words have become easier and quicker to process. Their enthusiasm hasn’t waned and by doing short sections at a time we can really get to grips with what the story is about. Seeing this progress in a matter of weeks, it’s not just ability which has improved; I also know their growing confidence is evident in the classroom and at home. On a personal level this is hugely rewarding. I am inspired by my young reader, who I know is also proud of themselves and enjoying exploring what I hope will be a life-long love of books. I know I have never been alone when I have a book to hand. Like many of you my time is precious, and I do struggle at times to make it into school every day, but I am committed and don’t need an incentive when I witness first-hand what can be achieved. I just wanted to pass on my experience of one way I can support the school. It’s such a positive experience and wondered if any parents / carers would like to do the same and can spare 10 minutes as often as possible? There are no set times and I would most certainly encourage anyone to share their love of reading with a child – it can be infectious! Just have a chat with the school – you will be welcome and most certainly appreciated. Alex Bliss