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Lunchtime support. We are looking into lunchtime supervisor training, which is also linked with play leader training to support the children who run the activities. This lunchtime training will identify how to prevent/ deal with incidents that occur in the playground successfully.
Homework projects to be acknowledged. Homework project reward certificates will be in place as of next half term to acknowledge to hard work and effort the children put in to their projects.
INSET Days. As we are a part of ‘The MFG Academies Trust’, we align our INSET days with Colne Valley High School, however we pass our INSET days on to Mrs Swallow for any chances of alignment.
More Art and Music. Miss Stevenson (Art Coordinator) has set up numerous art competitions recently for the children to enter as well as art being taught during topic lessons. Mrs Baker, a music specialist, rotates throughout each year group, every half term, to provide in depth music lessons. We have also entered the singing competition, ‘Big Sing’.
Communication needs to be more consistent. We have bought a new software which will improve parental communication as it is all in one place.


Whole School = 113 responses (1 person 0.9%)
  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
My child is happy at MJS. 73% 26.10% 0.90%  
My child feels safe at MJS. 80.20% 19.80%    
My child makes good progress at MJS. 73% 26.10% 0.90%  
My child is well looked after at MJS. 78.40% 21.60%    
My child is taught well at MJs.  81.10% 18.90%    
My child receives appropriate homework for their age.  58.60% 38.70% 2.70%  
MJS makes sure that its pupils are well behaved.  55% 44.10% 0.90%  
MJS deals effectively with bullying. 44.20% 41.40% 1.80%  
MJS is well led and managed.  69.40% 29.70% 0.90%  
MJS responds well to any concerns I raise. 73% 27%    
I receive valuable information from MJS about my child’s progress. 70.30% 29.70%    
I find the fortnightly newsletter useful. 67.60% 30.60% 1.80%  
Would you recommend MJS to another parent? Yes/No Yes No